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LaToya Dixon

Founder and CEO

Hi, my name is LaToya Renee Dixon. I am a mom, educator, mentor and certified Mindset Coach.

I have 10+ years of experience working with youth in diverse settings, including mental health, childcare, juvenile and school systems.

As a certified Mindset Coach, I use the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids. I share stories and experiences to take youth on an exciting journey that teaches mindset development and life skills, in a way that is fun, creative and interactive.

I help youth excel in all areas of life. I avoid giving direct advice or solving challenges. Instead, I focus on shifting limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and negative behaviors, by asking questions to help youth identify and solve challenges on their own. 

Creating and regaining independence, self-esteem, hope, confidence and success is my goal for each child.

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My Flourishing Truths...

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I have experienced a multitude of childhood and adulthood trauma. I had to shift my mindset and make a commitment to myself that I had a choice to choose the life I want by focusing on what I had the power to change.

I have been called to share the wisdom I’ve gained from life experiences and education in a community setting for young people to flourish and become the best version of themselves. We all need people and community to flourish throughout our life’s journey.

Truth is, we will all experience hurt, trauma, failure and change throughout our life's journey. However, it is important to have the tools and resources necessary to overcome those obstacles. FMU provides the necessary tools for youth to reach their full potential. I wish I had these tools as a child!

It is my mission to bridge the gap by creating this program, servicing as many youth to the best of my ability, while making a positive impact in our community for future generations to come.

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Again, creating and regaining independence, self-esteem, hope, confidence and success is my goal for each child

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