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MindPower Program

Understand the Power of Your Mind and Why You Achieve What You Believe

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Understanding your mind is the key to understanding why you are who you are, why you have achieved what you have achieved, and how to create soaring self-esteem, powerful self-confidence, and achieve your biggest goals!

MindPower! is the secret behind why some people live happy, fulfilling lives - a life of their dreams, while others seem to struggle – never quite achieving the life they imagined or dreamed of.

This five (5) session program lays the ground work for our programs because kids learn how their mind works.

By understanding how their mind works, kids will understand why the skills they learn work. Understanding “why” will give them confidence that they too can develop powerful self-confidence and achieve their goals.

It’s not magic. It’s not something you either “have” or you “don’t have”. It is something that can be developed, and Wyatt the Wise Wizard will show them “how”. 

Includes: Workbook per session, Activity Sheets, Parent Take Home Notes to support your child and Certificate of Completion

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