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Testimonials: Welcome

I would like to share that working with LaToya has been very positive, beneficial, life-saving, educational and relevant with her services. Her skill set is beyond exceptional and is much needed in any community. She provides tools and resources that breaks barriers all while promoting professionalism and exceeded work ethics to all her clients.

LaToya has provided care, lifestyle education/resources, transportation, food, holiday and back to school services to my family and that’s just to name a few. This meant a great deal to us because not only was it heartfelt and thoughtful but also a selfless sacrifice she was willing to do on her own. When searching for services she has welcomed my family from day one brings calmness and validation that we were in good hands. We will always remain in support of her future perspectives.

C. Danielson

My experience working with LaToya has been nothing short of amazing. LaToya has implemented a great deal of knowledge in my early career journey. Moving with kindness, love and compassion, LaToya has always amplified my strengths in not only the workplace but in my everyday life.

LaToya has taught me to work with a growth mindset by focusing on things within my control instead of a fixed mindset focusing on things outside my control. While working with LaToya, I prepped for college, now being a college graduate and working for Lockheed Martin it is safe to say that LaToya provided me with the correct tools to excel in life!

K. Reynolds

I have worked with LaToya on several occasions on multiple business platforms and each time I received the same professionalism, patience, and thoroughness.  She has a welcoming disposition and takes on challenges as opportunities and not problems.  She takes the time to analyze, compromise and provide a solution that is in the best interest of all parties involved.  I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

A. Murff

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Welcome
Testimonials: Testimonials

My children attended two daycare locations of LaToya’s. She is very personable and kind. My children were always eager to go and she made them feel welcome. Her staff were welcoming, genuine and gentle which I feel like extended and reflected her as a childcare provider. I always trusted her as a figure in my children’s lives. Very easy to communicate with. I am glad to have met her.

A. East

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